Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plastik Men @ The Skin Fair 2015

In the darkness of the town the foghorn echoed across the port, the only sound of safety any could expect to hear at this hour. All other sounds were illicit; from the scratching of roaches and squeaking of rats in the walls, to the muffled footsteps, muted moans and snicker of blade coming from the depths of each alley.
Janus lingered here, and other sordid spots like it, each night. The heart of darkness was all he could offer at this hour, bringing a depth of shadow where it was needed, for tasks impossible, or improbable, to complete in the light. He cast no judgement, brought no crime into being. All he enabled, would be uncovered, when the time came.
Male 1 2Male 2
Janus was a man of two faces, two sides of the same coin. Just as he brought darkness at times to all places, so he also brought light. Light didn't always mean sunshine, didn't always mean happiness, it meant sight and sight could uncover terrible things. Beauty was terrible, it could wound more terribly than hate.
Male 2 2
He would weather the changes he brought, feeling them as keenly as any he affected.

As promised - though a little later than anticipated (forgot to upload the images before going away for the weekend) the Male Immortalia Skins from The Plastik exclusive to the Skin Fair 2015!

As with the females, there are twenty tones to choose from, the male skin comes with appliers for SLink hands and feet, toenails and fingernails. Just as generous for the boys, there are eighteen tattoo layer options for body shading and make-up, and eight brow options included.

Nocturn Janus
Skin :  :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Male:// Nerio
Eyes :  :[P]:-Haunt Collection-Blind Trauma (Eyes)
Horns :  :[P]:- Vi Horns [L-Corded]:// Gunmetal  /  :[P]:- Vi Horns [R-Bare]:// Gunmetal

Daiurn Janus
Skin :  :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Male:// Gaspare
Eyes :  :[P]:-Haunt Collection-Bloody Blindness
Lip :  :[P]:- Immortalia Makeup:// Stripe
Face : :[P]:- Immortalia Makeup:// Shadow Makeup
Horns : :[P]:- Vi Horns [R-Bare]:// Thicket  /  :[P]:- Vi Horns [L-Corded]:// Thicket

Hurry to grab these! Limo!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zoul Creations @ The Skin Fair 2015

Knights in white satin had fallen by the wayside some decades previously...
Well the knights were still around, jumping here and there, some even still wore satin, though mostly on their nights off. The Queens changed through time too, changed with the times, though their roles remained the same. They were there to protect, to defend, to attack. They controlled the board.
Their world was the board, lately it had grown a little strange. Squares were unsteady, clouds drew near.
Through the strange and cumulating mists, occasional rays of light still shone.
Things were no different on the other side of the board. Flashes of illumination, of genius, were rarities now. Cohorts in both camps who had fought bravely, in countless battles, had of late moved with difficulty. Faltering led only one way, and no one liked to go over the edge.
In the uncertainly, the Queens held strong. All around them could fall, but should they, the game would be lost. Knights in their flamboyance, Rooks and Bishops, all their front line fighters. The King was of course the goal for every movement, but all on the field of battle knew his shuffling steps, and the power of those protecting him. Soon the rays of light would strengthen, the squares beneath their feet stand firm, the wills guiding their movements more sure, and again, their game would astound.

Zoul! Not confined to a vortex in Sigourney Weaver's fridge, you can pick up these beautiful skins at the Skin Fair 2015.

From Zoul Creatons, Gina is available in 10 tones, shown here in the lightest and darkest available. Each tone comes with three cleavage levels, little, more, and POW all with options for no brows, light brows and dark brows.

Applier packs include appliers for SLink hands, feet and physique. Omega skin applier - without head. Lola's tangos, Azz, Eve Body. Applier also available for Sweetlips.

Gina Lipsticks are available in ten colours, each in three intensities as tattoo layers. An additional ten tattoo layers of lipsticks also work for skins other than Gina.

Gina Eyeshadows - ten fabulous colours, each with three intensities to change your look from subtle to bold.

First to play :
Skin : ZC - Gina skintone 1 - Light Brows - cleavage C
Eyes : ZC - Gina Eyeshadows - Teal Touch 01
Lips : ZC - Gina Lips - Coral Intensity 02

Second to play :
Skin : ZC - Gina skintone 10 - Dark Brows - cleavage B
Eyes : ZC - Gina Eyeshadows - Date Night Intensity 03
Lips :  ZC - Gina Lips - Burgundy 03

Beautiful natural skins, fantastic make up, more skin visible on Flickr... What more could you ask for?
A Limo!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

La Malvada Mujer @ The Skin Fair 2015

This was a day Anna had been planning for years... She had admired the work of colleagues, had created a myriad of designs herself. Classes in school, followed by those in college, Anna had learned form, composition, technique. The works she produced were pastiche, she was told by instructors that this was the only way to learn, from the old dead masters.
1 ( with lipgloss)
 She could see the value, but felt so hemmed in by the styles of others, the thing she loved began to feel like a chore. The spark for her first change lit up the pages of her sketchbooks, cocktail napkins and margins of any newspapers that came her way.
Her artwork evolved, no longer imitation, she had found her inspiration. It came from everywhere, hidden patterns in a leaf, revealed only by a ray of sunshine, graffiti on the dank wall of the subway. It had taken so long to get it right, to distil so many ideas into one design. One work of art she would love forever, and to place the creation of it in the hands of another. Her dream, her vision, and the talent of her friend.
Hours under the needles buzzing, gentle yet insistent like the pain. Artists understood. Art had always hurt, drawn from the artist like blood onto whichever canvas they used, cave wall, canvas or the sistine chapel. Anna had big plans for her works, wanted as many people to see them as possible. Now she could carry them with her wherever she went, a living, breathing work of art.
La Malvada Mujer - Beautiful creations available at the Skin Fair 2015

The Anna Skin by La Malvada Mujer is available in four tones, with and without brows. There are Style Mode appliers for body, face, lips, eye shadows and brows, as well as numerous tattoo layers for those without the MESH. There are five lipstick layers, four eye shadows, twelve brows, beauty marks and freckles. The shape is included, as is an alpha layer to rid yourself of those System eyelashes.

Shape : La Malvada Mujer - Anna Body shape
Skin : La Malvada Mujer - Anna skin  - Tone N4
Lipstick : La Malvada Mujer - Anna Lipstick- N4

Anna's first image shows her wearing La Malvada Mujer - Lily Gloss. These lip glosses are available at the Skin Fair, and come as tattoo layers, and Style Mode appliers in five tones. 

The latter images show the painstaking work of La Malvada Mujer - Zero tattoo / fresh. This beautiful tattoo is available at the Skin Fair. Style Mode applier, or tattoo layer, the design comes in fresh and two faded tones, for entire, or upper and lower body cover.

More Images on Flickr!
Limo to the Skin Fair 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nymphs and Dryads .:Soul:. @ The Skin Fair 2015

Wafts of music and the hubbub of voices drifted through the gardens from the packed marquee atop the hill.
The garden party was turning into a soiree as afternoon turned through twilight into evening. Lamps were lit around the dancefloor, sweet tunes surpassed by more raucous driving beats, setting the glow worms shining in the trees. "Go down to the river..." the music murmured, singing carried on the breeze. "Come down to the river..." Who could resist such a siren call, the grass beneath her soft and cool, refreshing feet tired from dancing. Down the hill, toward the river, into wisps of mist...
Music was still playing as she woke, music from instruments much closer at hand than the band atop the hill. Deep rhythmic bass croaked from throats all around, complimented with the soft burble of altos, and a strange high soprano, pleasant to her ears, and yet the vague nudge of memory that such a sound had been annoying mere moments before, a mosquito's whine.
Something had happened as she waded through the stream, that much she could feel. The sounds coming from the top of the hill seemed alien, familiar but so strange, like a half remembered dream. She recalled dancing, felt the slow movement of the water bending her steps in a new formation. Other revellers moved from behind trees, rocks, and blades of grass; friends and acquaintances, all had come to the river, and been changed by it. Nymphs and dryads, all were made at the dance.
Did I mention the amazing offerings at this years Skin Fair? I did didn't I...
More proof! As if any were needed, comes in the form of these two beautiful Davina skins from .:Soul:.

Each skin includes the Davina shape in six sizes, XXS to L. Two versions of the skin are included in each tone, with and without brows. Applier packs with the skins in addition to seven tattoo layers for added muscle tone contain appliers for [uL] Booty, Lola's, Lush, Baby Bump, SLink Hands and Feet and SLink Nails.
Appliers are also available separately for TMP, Maitreya, Loud Mouth and Kissers. The mesh mouth appliers are available in a range of styles and tints to compliment both the skin, and your overall look.
Appliers are in tones which are used for all newer skins from .:Soul:. save L$ by only needing the one applier for any skin of that tone!

Shape : .:Soul:. Shape - Davina - XS
Skin : .:Soul:. Davina - (H6) Caramel - Toned - FB
Skin : .:Soul:. Davina - (F8) Jade - Toned - FB
Eyeshadow : .:Soul:. Smoked In Eyeshadow (Tint Me!)
Lashes : .:Soul:. Davina - Mesh Eyelashes
Appliers for SLink Hands, Feet and Nails

Extras! Exras!
Sixteen tattoo layers to change your brows to a spectrum of colours, two tones of eyeshadow you can tint further yourself, and four tones of tattoo layer lip tints.

Buying these lovely skins at the Skin Fair 2015 is via a Gift Card system, so the items purchased can be gifted to a friend, or should you keep them to yourself, be used to obtain redeliveries and updates as needed.

Still here? Go, go, go! Skin Fair 2015 
Click the pics for Flickr, and more of these beautiful skins!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beauty among clockwork - DS'Elles @ Skin Fair 2015

Ines 1
Life in the clockwork city tick tock ticked its way, the automatons in each workspace busying through the hours, clanking and whirring, all well oiled machines. The living were something of a rarity in the city now, where once heartbeats reverberated ribcages in every room, now exoskeletons brushed past each other, gliding along rails, no rhythm but that set out by their punch card instructions.
Ines 2
Ines had always got along well with the automatons, nothing strange in that she thought - after all, what was there to dislike? Others moved away from such progress, out of the city, away from the modernisation, the mechanisation. Those who remained could see the potential in those punched cards, perforation after perforation, task after task, the programming grew more complex, the automatons more advanced. Soon, she hoped, they wouldn't need cards, they would run themselves, find their own freedom. They had cleared the city of noise, of crime, of patriarchy, they had given freedom to her, by her own hand. She was ready to return the favour.
Ines 5 with makeup_001

Ines is a new creation from DS'Elles, available exclusively at the Skin Fair 2015. Ines is a natural, beautiful skin, available in five tones, Chocolate, Latte, Medium, Sun and Creme, shown here in Latte. The Ines shape is available separately from DS'Elles at the Fair, as are SLink Appliers for Hands and Feet. 

Shape : DS'ELLES-Shape INES 2015
Skin : DS'ELLES- Skin Ines - Latte- Eyebrow Blond
Each skintone comes with versions for Blonde, Brown, Black, Red and No Brows. Two brow shapers are included, along with alpha layers to remove lashes, or lashes and ears. For those wanting more cleavage, a tattoo layer is also included. Freckle tattoo layers in three intensities come with the skin. 
Make up options are also included, eyeliner, three tones of eye shadow, and two lip options. The third image above shows:  

DS'ELLES- Lips Rose Naturel
DS'ELLES- Eye Shadow Purple

Appliers for Loud Mouth, Maitreya, SLink Physique and Sweetlips are available. 

More from DS'Elles to follow - and more revealing images on Flickr!
Here's your limo to the Fair - Skin Fair 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Demonic Highrise - Plastik at Skinfair 2015

Fem 2 Down in the streets, the acolytes and affiliates roamed in shadow and sunlight. Petra kept to the shadows. These days full sunlight, even for the briefest of moments, hurt like Hades. Fem 2 1 She was temptation, a lure, an unexpected oasis in the world of noise and bustle. She emanated calm, danger too, but only ever once it was too late. Her curves caught their attention, her eyes drew them in, they came close... and it was all over. The acolyte had performed her task well, more followed, her days grew shorter, nights longer. Soon they may last forever. Fem 1 Up in the heights, amongst the antennae, as close to the stars as any could reach with their feet on solid ground in the city, this was where they all aspired to be. From this precipice of concrete Ryva watched the world move by below. Fem 1 2 Her gaze missed nothing, during the hours of sunlight she withdrew, but her eyes were everywhere. Acolytes and Sénéchaux brought her knowledge and the bounty of the living, this vitae replenished her, letting her see further than ever though the miasmic glow of electric light. Beware should you fall under her eye, it may be the last, and best thing you ever do. Fem 1 3 More wonders from the Skin Fair 2015

The Immortalia Skins from Plastik are a beautiful  range of skins for the vamp, demon, other undead or immortal among you. A Skin Fair exclusive, the detailing is subtle, helping these stand out, while remaining wearable, in all tones, for any occasion.  There are twenty tones of this amazing skin available, in female and male versions. (Pictures of the men to follow soon!). Again - more revealing pictures are available on my Flickr!

Skin : :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Ambrogino
Eyes : [Plastik]-Bloodless-Gold
Makeup : :[P]:- Immortalia Makeup:// Haihe

Skin : :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Nerio
Eyes : :[P]:-Haunt Collection-Bloody Blindness

The skins come with eight brow shapers, tattoo layer freckles for body and face in light and heavy amounts - appliers for these also included. Smudgy eyeshadow and a beautiful lip stripe, lip options in glossy or darker tone. The separate applier pack contains options for Lolas, Slink hands/feet/toenails/fingernails/phatazz
Sinful Needs, Slink physique, Slink Visage, Ghetto Bum,Perfect Bum, Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Lena Body, Cuteazz, Omegas, Babybumpand Loud Mouth. There's also included a form to fill in if you use a body part not already covered by the above!

:[P]:- Vi Horns [R-Bare]:// Satyr
:[P]:- Vi Horns [L-Corded]:// Satyr
:[P]:- Vi Horns [L-Corded]:// Smog
:[P]:- Vi Horns [R-Bare]:// Smog
Fantastic horns - available in 33 - That's Thirty Three colours. HUD driven options for the colour of the cord - can be worn with or without this feature. As I'm greedy - I like one of each!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Skin Fair 2015 - YumYums Hope Equinox

Down on the farm, everything was peaceful in the dusk at the end of a long day. The sun held warmth in its rays, for the first time since the winter. Grass bleached by months of cold crackled dryly under her feet, frost still clinging in tiny shards where shadows lingered. Steam rose in wisps from the crooked slats of the fence.
The old tyre swing moved in the gentle breeze like a metronome, marking time as the minutes passed. She had worked all day, there were endless jobs to be done while the earth slept, preparations to be made for the rebirth of spring. Spring, the hope promised to the world, a blessing fulfilled each year was marked with suitable festivity. As the season finally turned, and the equinox approached, the night of celebration and hope was at hand, it was time to get ready, it was time to dance!
3 lip pack 2 ruby, dark freckles_001
Skin Fair 2015 is here! 
The Skin Fair 2015 is presented by: Pale Girl Productions & Essences and runs from Friday 13th to Sunday, 29th March.
I have been bubbling over with excitement about this for about a week now. The event is as amazing as ever. TWO sims of stores, showcasing exclusive and outstanding designs from Second Life's best creators. You can expect a number of blog posts as I rave about the goodies on offer!
As this blog is mainly PG... you can see more of each skin covered on my Flickr account, accessible by clicking on any of the images above.
There is a script limit on the sims to ensure the shopping experience is as lag free as possible. 
Here's your limos!

Featured here is the .{yumyums}. {Honey} Hope [Ginger Brow] Cleavage.

This skin is one of five tones available in this beautiful new skin from YumYums. You can try Cocoa, Creame, Honey, Latte and Porecelain. Each skin comes with an epic HUD for just about every applier you can shake a stick at, here I've just made use of the SLink Hands and Feet - the HUD also caters for Lola's, Phat/Cuteass, The Mesh Project, Maitreya, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, PXL, Baby Bump and Soul Kissers.

Each skin comes with a fantastic array of options - with and without cleavage for black, blonde, brown, ginger and no brow.

There's an Alpha layer to remove system eyelashes, and a myriad tattoo layers for freckles, brows and blush.
The third picture above shows .{yumyums}. Freckles {Dark} - included with the skin, and 
.{yumyums}. {Honey} Lip Pack#2 {Ruby}. 

The lip packs are available separately from YumYums at the Skin Fair and work well tonally with the Hope skins in all their shades. Lip Pack 2 contains 12 shades.

Remember you can see a lot more of this beautiful skin on Flickr!